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Prayers answered as online community shares love for snow


dowscan025-grlplatsnow-300x197-1117200-6640812STAN CAN DESIGN NEWS RELEASE – Stan Can Design™, a Reno-based advertising and design firm, is announcing the Pray for Snow campaign for the 2013-2014 season.

Pray for Snow is an ongoing community celebration of northern Nevada and the surrounding area’s love for snow. Stan Can Design™ seeks to foster an online platform where users can connect over their mutual love of frozen vapor, and share in the excitement of the season.

Using the hashtag #prayforsnow, community members can contribute their quirks, superstitions, and prayers they use to make snow fall. The firm encourages participants to be as unique and creative as possible. However, the hashtag has more versatility as it can be used to tag photos, recipes, popular cold weather spots, and anything that acknowledges the glory of snow.

“At first this was about the hardcore, everyday skiers and snowboarders,” said Stan Byers, president of Stan Can Design™. “But we wanted to pull back a bit. It needs to be about everybody, the kid who bites into a snowball or the family that builds a snowman.”

The firm has begun to post flyers and posters throughout the Reno area on community message boards. The flyers contain such prayers as “I make snow angels in the sand,” and “I sleep with my boots on.”

Byers said that the campaign is purely for fun and hopes people can unite and share their love in the form of a creative community.

“Everybody gets at least a little excited about seeing snow, so we want to build off of the excitement and make it into something that brings people together,” said Byers.

To get in on the snowy sermon, visit pray-for-snow.com or twitter.com/PrayFor_Snow.

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