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Cyber shopping: Shop local with the SlapSwitch™


switch-1983719-9470203SUBMITTED NEWS — Shop local. Shop cyber. Carson City’s SlapSwitch™ HeadCom System is a great gift for the skier boarder who wants to manage music safely at any speed.

The SlapSwitch HeadCom™ is only available at http://www.slapswitch.com. This wearable speaker and microphone system designed for under-helmet comfort. It uses the innovative SlapSwitch™ for call answer, call terminate, and music pause-play-resume functions.

The SlapSwitch™ HeadCom™ gives active individuals like skiers and snowboards the ability to hear and be heard clearly, while being active all day. Made of a sheer spandex material that has been used extensively in the ski industry for helmet liners and clavas due to its comfort and durability, the HeadCom™ is the best solution for anyone who needs to stay connected at all times. Equipped with high quality slim-line speakers nestled securely in pockets over the ears, the HeadCom™ delivers crystal clear sound in even the most adverse conditions.

The SlapSwitch™ can be worn in a chest pocket or in Sports MusiCom’s multifunction carry case. Simply give the SlapSwitch™ a gentle smack and instantly the music is paused and the call is answered. The SlapSwitch™ HeadCom also features a custom noise-canceling microphone in the SkullCap chin-strap which allows users to be heard, clearly, while biking, skiing, even flying.

The features of the new SlapSwitch™ HeadCom System include:

• Hear comfortably when wearing a helmet, winter hat, or headgear!
• High quality headphone speakers (no uncomfortable ear buds that can fall out)
• Noise-canceling microphone for better sound!
• Breakaway connector – remove your helmet without unplugging!

For a limited time Sports MusiCom is offering an introductory price for the SlapSwitch™ HeadCom System of $69.95. For more information please visit http://www.slapswitch.com

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