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Reno Police acknowledge actions of officer in bank robbery

By ThisIsReno


The Reno Police Department would like to acknowledge the actions of one of our officers related to this incident. The officer, whose name is being held due to the ongoing FBI investigation into this incident, was off-duty, conducting personal business inside the bank at the time of the robbery. The officer observed the robbery and the shooting of the male patron.

Once the suspect fled the bank, the officer notified bank employees that he was a Reno Police officer and for them to contact 911. The officer followed the suspect, keeping an eye on his actions and contacting our dispatch center to provide updated information and location of the suspect to responding officers.

The officer, who was unarmed at the time, made a critical and tactical decision to subdue the armed suspect in order to prevent any further harm to our citizens. The officer was able to tackle the suspect to the ground and secure the firearm from the suspect’s possession. He was then able to physically hold the suspect on the ground until responding officers arrived and took the suspect into custody.

Our department would like to acknowledge his heroic actions and thank him for his commitment to the safety of our community.