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Association to present world music and dance on eve of Diwali

By ThisIsReno


World-renowned artist Chakrapani Singh, who resides in Reno, is trying to establish a music school similar to the Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafael and San Francisco. He has established the Traditional Association for Cultural Harmony (TACH), which does global artist management, an cultural exchange program, music education, fusion music collaboration and development, a seminar and music competitions. It is open to promote all aspects of music and its related cultural promotions.

In this time where all the artists are running toward the big cities, Chakrapani Singh has selected a small city, Reno, so that he can bring music awareness and bring music to such a place where no one wants to think about the music lovers residing in Reno.

His organization TACH brings world music and dance on the eve of Diwali (a festival of light and grace) with the collaboration of Indo-American residents of Reno and its borders. For the first time in Reno there will be a kind of program in which people can find music, dance, celebration and much more. This celebration is going to be at Laxalt auditorium, Warren Nelson Building, 401 W. 2nd St., Reno, on Nov. 2, at 4 p.m.