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Wine Walk underage alcohol compliance operation results in 82% pass rate



Members of the Regional Street Enforcement Team (SET) conducted an underage compliance operation during this weekend’s River Walk District’s Wine Walk.

The operation was funded with federal grant funds secured by our partner, Join Together Northern Nevada (JTNN).

Three underage volunteers/decoys–ages 19, 19 and 20–participated with the operation. In all instances, the volunteers provided their true state-issued identifications for age verification if asked.

The underage decoys were sold the official wine glass, map, wrist band and hand stamp at one of the participating venues.

The underage decoys visited 22 participating businesses and were served alcohol at four of those businesses, including the business who sold the underage volunteers the glass, map, wristband and hand stamp.

In addition to the participating Wine Walk businesses, the underage volunteers attempted to purchase alcohol at an additional eight downtown businesses. All eight of those businesses passed the compliance check.

The following businesses passed the operation and did not serve the underage volunteers alcohol:

  • Chocolate Bar, located at 95 North Sierra St. – participant
  • Bar, located at 211 West 1st St. – NON-participant
  • Pizanos Pizza, located at 26 W. 2nd St. – participant
  • Ole Bridge Pub, located at 50 N. Sierra St. Ste. #5 – participant
  • Silver Spur Liquor & Gifts, located at 221 N. Virginia St. – NON participant
  • Reef Sushi and Sake Bar, located at 50 N. Sierra St. – participant
  • Jungle Vino, located at 246 West 1st St. – participant
  • Aura bar, located in the Silver Legacy at 407 N. Virginia St. – NON participant
  • Rise Nightclub, located at 210 North Sierra St. – participant
  • TJ Liquor, located at 229 W. 2nd St. – NON participant
  • Z Pie, located at 138 West St. – participant
  • Imperial Bar and Lounge, located at 150 North Arlington Ave. – participant
  • 5 Star Saloon, located at 132 West St. – participant
  • Whiskey bar, located at 100 N. Arlington Ave. – NON participant
  • Java Jungle, located at 246 W. 1st St. – participant
  • Bruka Theatre, located at 99 N. Virginia St. – participant
  • Paradise Lounge, located in Circus Circus at 500 N. Sierra St. – NON participant
  • Pizza Reno, located at 26 W. 2nd St. – participant
  • Ringside bar, located in the El Dorado at 345 N. Virginia St. – NON participant
  • Labels Consignment Boutique, located at 601 W. 1st St. – participant
  • Se7en on West, located at 148 West St. – participant
  • Rum Bullions bar, located in the Silver Legacy at 407 N. Virginia St. – NON participant
  • The Waterfall, located at 134 W. 2nd St. – participant
  • Sierra Tap House, located at 253 W. 1st St. – participant
  • Dos Geckos Cantina, located in the Circus Circus at 500 N. Sierra St. – NON participant
  • West Street Wine Bar, located at 148 West St. – participant

The following businesses failed the operation by serving alcohol to underage volunteer(s):

  • Reno eNVy, located at 135 North Sierra St. – participant
  • Silver Peak Grill and Taproom, located at 135 N. Sierra St. – participant
  • Niko’s Greek Kitchen, located at 148 West St. – participant
  • La Terre Verte, located at 11 N. Sierra St. #11 – participant

The employee serving the alcohol at of the failing business received a citation for selling/furnishing alcohol to a minor. The criminal penalty for serving alcohol to a minor is a misdemeanor which consists of a set fine of $500.00.

It is the goal of the Reno Police Department and JTNN to create a fun and safe environment during the downtown Wine Walk event, while ensuring only those subjects who are over the age of 21 are served alcohol.

The Reno police department would like to thank the businesses who successfully passed the compliance operation for their diligence and ensuring underage minors were not served alcohol.

The Regional Street Enforcement team comprises detectives from the Reno Police Department, Sparks Police Department and Washoe County Sheriff’s Office.

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