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Understanding cosmic energy to headline spiritual conference



Awaken Your LightAwaken Your Light and become a conscious part of world transformation! Be part of the 4th Annual Conference on the Spiritual State of the World, Oct. 4-6.

The full day of main presentations will be held at the University of Nevada in the Joe Crowley Student Union on Saturday, Oct. 5.

This event welcomes 11 critical thinker-presenters and delegates from science, spirituality and health. Participants will learn to bring about wellness in both physical body and spiritual being and to apply techniques to bring harmonic alignment to the individual’s relationship to community and to a consciously evolving world.

Explorer/spiritualist Sean Savoy, OHC, chancellor of the International Community of Cosolargy and the Jamilian University will offer a thought-provoking talk: “Becoming the Change: Generating the Spirit with Cosmic Information.”

This presentation will provide insight and techniques on how the individual person can activate the inner, spiritual nature of his or her being, primarily by absorbing solar light and then by learning to process it to unlock universal, archetypal knowledge contained within the quanta or cosmic “packets” of its radiant energy. This process of personal awakening allows the person to become a receptor and transmitter of cosmic (spiritual) information beyond the written or spoken word.

Robert Roy, healer, has worked with an herbal healing formula for over 30 years, primarily for degenerative diseases. By providing guidance and the formula, he has brought over 60,000 people back into a state of health. His “Blink of an Eye” presentation is a personal story of a journey to spiritual awakening and healing, and a testimonial of the positive effects of cosolargy as a life system. The talk touches on the concept that illness, including psychic illness, can be addressed through raising consciousness.

The host of this year’s event, COSOLARGY® International, is a non-profit, non-exclusionary spiritual and educational institution based in Reno since 1972. This year’s conference is a collaborative effort of many hearts, hands and helpers. Intended to be a forum that brings broad perspective to humanity’s current state of spiritual affairs, the event welcomes presenters and delegates from a multitude of faiths, philosophies and practices.

For more information, to register and to see the schedule of events, go to www.spiritualstateoftheworld.org. To schedule speaker interviews, contact Sean Savoy at (775) 786-7827, Ext. 108 or [email protected].

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