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Sesquicentennial medallions available for purchase


150-copper-medallion-300x288-4761202-6678636Orders now being taken through the Nevada Legislative Gift Shop

SUBMITTED NEWS — Orders for the first of four commemorative medallions marking Nevada’s 150th birthday are now being accepted through the Nevada Legislative Gift Shop. Considered a collector’s item, the silver medallions are being manufactured from a 1,000 ounce bar of silver mined from Coeur Mining’s operation in Rochester, Nev., to commemorate the state’s Sesquicentennial celebration. The first production date has been set for Friday Oct. 25, the observance of Nevada Day.

The Legislative Gift Shop (LGS) will fulfill the orders of the commemorative medallions. The medallions will be available for purchase through the LGS website at https://www.leg.state.nv.us/app/lcbstore/a/default.aspx or in person at the LGS, 401 South Carson St., Carson City. No medallions will be available for sale the day of minting (Oct. 25) or through the Nevada State Museum or LGS during the Nevada Day weekend.

“We are thrilled to kick-off the Nevada 150 festivities with the striking of these one-of-a-kind medallions,” said Lt. Governor Brian Krolicki, Chair of the Nevada 150 Commission. “Each medallion is produced individually by a skilled craftsman, inspected, cleaned, sealed in an airtight enclosure and mounted in a special descriptive holder and secured. These medallions are truly a special piece of Nevada history marking the state’s 150th birthday.”

Each one ounce silver piece containing the Nevada 150 design on one side and the official Nevada state seal on the other, will be available to the public at $100.50 each.

With the anticipated high demand of the commemorative medallions, the Nevada 150 Commission has given its approval to manufacture 2,000 copper medallions, sold at $15 each. The sesquicentennial copper medallions will have the same design as the first silver medallion, and are also available for sale through the LGS.

The names of those who pre-ordered the commemorative medallions through the Nevada 150 office have been provided to the Legislative Gift Shop in the order they were received. All pre-order customers will be notified to visit the LGS website to complete their order.

Coeur Mining, Nevada’s only exclusive silver mine, donated the bar of silver weighing in at 60 pounds. The Northwest Territorial Mint in Dayton has melted the ingot, which will be stamped using the historic Coin Press No. 1 at the Nevada State Museum. The museum, located in Carson City and the site of the historic U.S. Mint, still operates the original press used back in the 1800’s.

Sales of the commemorative medallions will help fund the Nevada 150 events and year-long celebration. Throughout the year, four different medallions will be released at different dates for purchase. For more information about Nevada 150, visit www.nevada150.org.

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