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City of Reno working with business owners for successful, safe special events


reno-logo-7773526-7786423During the last several months, Reno’s Community Safety & Service Team (CSAST) has visited several businesses during peak operating hours, special events, wine walks and pub crawls to ensure the health, welfare and public safety for people visiting Reno businesses.

“Most of the businesses we have visited have been in compliance with Reno Municipal Code,” advises Alex Woodley, city of Reno code enforcement manager. “We are seeing businesses not only being knowledgeable about codes and alcohol awareness but really stepping up with their security and safety measures. It’s truly a partnership with the end goal of providing a safe atmosphere for everyone participating in these well attended, fun events.”

CSAST was created to ensure departments within the City work collectively with business and property owners. The team consists of representatives from the Reno Police Department, Code Enforcement, Business License and Reno Fire Department plus will include other agencies when needed.

CSAST contacts businesses throughout the year, during normal business hours and during special events, to educate on required rules and regulations and provide corrective actions to ensure compliance with those rules along with proactively working with business owners in problem-solving endeavors in order to minimize continued or potential problem. These problems sometimes may appear to be minor, but could ultimately have serious consequences.

Typical issues addressed could be temporarily blocked or locked fire exit doors, existing new serving staff without the state required alcohol awareness cards, unlicensed new extra bars, allowing patrons to leave with open containers of alcohol into the street and conducting business for other than licensed (i.e. restaurant turned nightclub).

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