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Safe Talk for Teens helps local teens and families with life and school issues


SAFE TALK FOR TEENS NEWS RELEASE – With the Washoe County school year approaching, students will have a new place to go for confidential guidance. Safe Talk for Teens is a new local non-profit, early intervention and prevention resource center located in the South Meadows that provides safe and confidential guidance for Washoe County teens and their families. Safe Talk for Teens is a resource for schools, parents and teens to facilitate conversations about how to successfully navigate the challenges of life and school.

Joe Dufur, director of Safe Talk for Teens, has more than 25 years of experience helping parents and teenagers talk openly about the issues teens face at school and at home. Recognizing that the many challenges kids face today are unique and the pressures substantial, Safe Talk for Teens provides an early intervention and prevention resource to kids so they don’t need further, more extensive intervention in the future. Safe Talk for Teens provides easy and convenient, one-on-one guidance services, and helps teens and families learn how to take advantage of available community resources.

“Although many kids in our community live in what appears to be a stable household, they may still have the need to talk about issues involving their friends, families or just life in general” said Dufur. “At Safe Talk for Teens, we recognize the need for these kids to have a safe, confidential place to talk about issues they are having. We provide guidance to those teens who may not know where else to turn. Our program also opens a portal to the many other expert community resources available to these families, of which they might not be aware.”

Safe Talk for Teens focuses on preventing drug and alcohol use, responding to peer pressure, dealing with family problems, and developing life skills, decision making, values clarification and goal setting. The organization also has experience addressing bullying and academic issues, and can provide teens with the tools they need to achieve success.

One of the key programs Safe Talk for Teens provides is the Work Experience/Business Partnership Program, which partners teens with local businesses for employment. Each business is selected for its ability and willingness to provide direction and guidance. The program is designed to facilitate a mentorship between business owners and teens, imparting life and business skills that are integral to future success.

Teens can be referred to Safe Talk for Teens by their parents, school counselors and other school staff, or they can approach the organization directly if they feel they need an impartial listener. Safe Talk for Teens meets with teens one-on-one or in a family setting, and all conversations are confidential. Parental permission is obtained prior to one-on-one conversations. Safe Talk for Teens is equipped with the knowledge and resources to refer teens to appropriate care, should that need be identified.

If parents or school staff notice changes in a teen’s behavior or academic performance, truancy or know the child is experiencing stressful changes or issues at home, they are encouraged to call 775-823-2700 for free, confidential help from Safe Talk for Teens. Dufur is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Safe Talk for Teens is a privately funded, 501(c)3 dedicated to providing safe, confidential guidance services to Washoe County teens with a focus on early intervention and prevention.

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