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Midtown parking, Curb System termination among today’s Reno City Council highlights



reno-logo-4232964-3935236Today the Reno City Council held its regularly scheduled meeting. Below are some highlights from the meeting.

•Agenda Item E.10
The City Council approved awarding a contract with Q&D Construction, Inc. for the North Virginia Interceptor Improvements Phase II project in an amount not to exceed $7,090,380. This project will construct new large diameter gravity sanitary sewer pipe, a sewer pump station, and approximately 4,500 feet of sewer force main. Funding for this project will be from the Sewer Enterprise Fund (67% from the connection fee funds for future capacity and 33% from the user fees for ongoing system maintenance). Maintaining and improving critical infrastructure like the North Virginia Interceptor helps provide Reno with safe and livable neighborhoods.

A comprehensive capacity analysis of the North Virginia Interceptor’s ability to convey sewage associated with existing, proposed, and future development was completed in 2005. The study indicated that additional capacity would be required to support planned development. The first phase of capacity improvements was performed on North Virginia Street from Security Circle to Sierra Street and completed in 2007. Construction of Phase 1B on North Virginia Street from Sierra Street to the intersection of East 9th Street and Evans Avenue was completed in 2012.

• Agenda Item H.1
The City Council approved donating $5,000 Reno Access Advisory Committee funds to Tour De Nez outreach to defray expenses associated with its sponsorship of the United States Handcycling Federation Series at the Mighty Tour De Nez completion. With the recent restructuring of the Tour De Nez organization, the Mighty Tour De Nez is returning for its 21st year on Sunday, July 28, 2013 at Wingfield Park. This one day race, known around the world, attracts cyclists of all ages and race levels, from the elite competitive to the weekend cruiser. This year’s event is adding a 5K Run Race with cash prizes. Once again the Mighty Tour De Nez serves as a time trial criterium for the U.S. Handcycling Series. The Mighty Tour De Nez welcomes cyclists, runners and spectators to participant in this year’s event in downtown Reno. This national competition will bring increased tourism to downtown Reno while also promoting understanding and awareness of the capabilities of cyclists with disabilities in the community.

The City of Reno strives to enhance the quality of life for our community by promoting a sustainable and vibrant economy. Supporting and helping grow both regional and local special events in the community is just one example.

• Agenda Item J.6
With funding provided by Council Member Jardon and Mayor Cashell ($3,435 each) from their Council donation funds, the Council voted to continue the Midtown Pilot Parking Program with Siemens for two more months (mid-September). This extension will allow Council to review a city-wide parking program that will perform to the satisfaction and needs of the community. Review of a city-wide parking program is expected to be heard at the Council Meeting on August 14, 2013.

The Midtown Pilot Parking Program is a direct result of the City hearing from business owners in the Midtown District that parking was a barrier to the continued economic resurgence of the area. Along with other measures to help mitigate the issue (i.e. red zones, marking available parking spaces, etc.), the City executed a contract with Siemens to install parking sensors and implement a pilot project. To date, the pilot program has reduced parking congestion to improve available on-street parking.

• Agenda Item J.7
On March 13, 2013, the City issued a Notice of Termination to Curb System, LLC, identifying areas of failure of the parking meter system (downtown) and provided 120 calendar days for the company to correct the deficiencies. With the Notice, Curb System has until midnight July 12, 2013 to cure and modify the issues with the parking system. Some of the issues with the parking system include: payment not received of the shortfall (revenue loss) in excess of $800,000 (as of May 31, 2013); multiple failures of working kiosks; kiosks failing to accept payments; and lack of a performance bond provided to guarantee the performance of work, warranty performance, and removal of the system along with restoring the previous City property. Unless the City Manager receives new information which show substantial changes, the Council approved for the City Manager to terminate the agreement and proceed with any necessary legal action.

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