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2013 State of the City address



reno-logo-5777306-7470477An audience filled with residents, businesses, civic groups and community leaders joined Reno Mayor Bob Cashell, the Reno City Council and Reno City Manager Andrew Clinger as they presented the State of the City Address.

The address highlighted Fiscal Year 2012/2013, outlined the upcoming year, and looked at what the future years will hold.

“Reno remains focused on improving the core services we all rely on as we continue to exercise fiscal prudence,” advised Clinger. “In order to base our financial decision-making on the best information possible, we’ve started a new ‘fiscal roundtable’. This group is comprised of stakeholders from the public and private sectors who are meeting quarterly to share data, trends, and coordinate forecasting. Our new normal is going to be a smaller and more efficient Reno government.”

Clinger advised the City’s new budget is approximately $35 million less than five years ago. “As we face this new normal, there are a number of challenges we will need to address. Reserve levels remain at a minimum and unfunded liabilities remain a risk to future City budgets. Controlling the costs of retiree health care, increasing our ending fund balance, and funding capital maintenance are fiscal priorities to ensure future financial stability.”

Clinger highlighted the welcoming of four new City Council members this past year and acknowledged the contributions of the outgoing members, who collectively served Reno for more than 50 years. He advised the new Council brings innovative ideas, talent, and energy along with diverse experience in municipal planning, business development, and neighborhood initiatives that has already provided the community with a fresh perspective on the City’s vision, mission, and strategic goals.

Clinger wrapped up the address by emphasizing how the City will be intensifying efforts for long-term sustainability with a focus on improving communication with constituents, providing safe and livable neighborhoods, and supporting the promising new economic development initiatives that are underway at the local, regional, and state levels. “Throughout this process, we look forward to collaborating with our citizens and community partners in ensuring that Reno is working together to be the best City in the World,” Clinger added.

“I personally challenge everyone to post an idea or something you’ve done to make Reno a better place. Share it at ThinkReno.org or post it to Twitter or Facebook and make sure you hashtag it with ThinkReno,” advised Clinger. “This is the time to work together and listen to one another. Share your story at BiggestLittleCity.org and help positively influence the perception of our community as a wonderful place to invest, grow a business and raise a family. Help us spread the word.”

Residents are encouraged to provide their ideas, comments, and feedback to help make Reno a better place. There are several ways to engage with the City of Reno:

• Share ideas at ThinkReno.org
• Text the words RENOCONNECT, to 22828 to sign up for important news and information
• Call Reno Direct at 334-INFO (4636)
• Email Reno Direct at [email protected]
• Find the City of Reno on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Youtube
• Visit the City in person at City Hall, 1 East First Street
• Visit Reno.gov, available for information 24 hours a day, seven days a week

The City of Reno’s Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2012/2013 can be found by visiting Reno.gov/annualreport.

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