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Jet Lites, maker of mountain bike lighting systems, under new ownership


Jet Lites owners Mike Henderson, left, and Jim Scripps take a bridge break near Downieville, Calif. in this May 2013 photo.

SUBMITTED NEWS — Jet Lites, a maker of high-quality lighting products and mounting systems for the cycling market, is under new ownership, acquired by Reno, Nev.-residents Mike Henderson and Jim Scripps in June. The company, which sells components direct to consumers online and through a dealer network, will remain headquartered in Northern Nevada, where it has operated since 2008.

Since it was founded in 1997 by Jim Taylor, Jet Lites has focused on creating bright, lightweight lights for mountain biking, particularly for 24-hour and endurance racing applications. Jet models, including the X-52 and F-U2 in the current line-up, have led the industry and helped open this competitive night-riding segment, where athletes demand durable performance products that can go to the limits.

“We’ve raced and ridden at night, and have always known the Jet Lites brand as a homegrown leader in this space,” Henderson said. “Being able to pick up and carry the torch – and keep the company in our backyard – is a great honor.”

Henderson and Scripps will continue to operate the company with a small-business sensibility, focusing on product development and customer service. Both have a lifelong passion for mountain biking and outdoor pursuits, and experience operating small businesses. The pair have also worked in traditional and new media marketing in tourism and recreation.

“Fun is at the core of what this company is about, and we have every intention of continuing that tradition,” Scripps said. “We know riding is about freedom and joy, and Jet Lites products enable thousands of enthusiasts to experience their favorite pastime under the night sky.”

Jet Lites lighting, battery and mountain systems are available online at JetLites.com.

History of innovation and quality
Jet Lites started as a passion project for Jim Taylor, a “retired” entrepreneur who saw a market for high-power, high-quality and lightweight lights for the growing mountain biking segment. He ran the company out of Santa Cruz, Calif., before moving it to Truckee, Calif. In his workshop, he developed industry-leading products in the HID, halogen and LED light categories. Dozens of Taylor’s designs are still running strong, powering night rides around the globe.

Unfortunately, Taylor passed away in a skiing accident in 2008 – his greatest passion was skiing – but the company lived on and many of Taylor’s innovations remain in the product line to this day, including many details of the ubiquitous X-52 lighthead design, the single- and dual-beam handlebar mount systems, and a patented breakaway helmet mount.

Reno residents David Joseph and Laning Andrews continued operating Jet Lites after Taylor’s passing, moving the company to Reno while pursuing the tradition of personal service. Outdoor sports and aficionados with a long pedigree in the bicycle industry, the pair brought new lights to market, including the F1and F-U2. They continued Taylor’s passionate pursuit of new designs and updates to product line. They will continue to remain connected with Jet Lites in a consulting capacity.

Media inquiries can be made to Jet Lites at [email protected], or by calling 1 (800) 975-5075.

(Attached photo: Jet Lites owners Mike Henderson, left, and Jim Scripps take a bridge break near Downieville, Calif. in this May 2013 photo)

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