26.6 F

Fire danger high in Northern Nevada


BLM NEWS — Temperatures continue to rise and the Bureau of Land Management, Battle Mountain District is gearing up to respond to a potentially active fire season on the public lands. Fire conditions have already been elevated to high and within the last three weeks, dry lightning has sparked several fires around the Battle Mountain District.

Please help us reduce the risk of human-caused fires by following a few simple precautions:

· Make sure all campfires are out and cold before leaving them,

· Smoke only in an enclosed vehicle and do not dispose of lit cigarettes outside the vehicle,

· Do not burn weeds or trash on a windy day (it doesn’t take much wind),

· Do not use fireworks (always prohibited on public lands) or tracers,

· Do not operate off road vehicles without a spark arrestor,

· Think before using anything that could cause a spark or flame, and

· Always have water and a shovel available when using fire.

· Target shooting in fire-safe areas (shoot in an area free of vegetation; avoid hot, windy days; no exploding targets…)

· Maintain your vehicle and trailer (watch for dragging chains; maintain exhaust system; have proper tire inflation; if you have to pull over, park in areas free of vegetation).

Be responsible when recreating on public lands. Report any wild fires to the Central Nevada Interagency Dispatch Center at 1-800-535-6076 or 775-623-3444. Thank you for your help in protecting our public lands.

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