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Count down – Rocket Week at The Discovery ends soon


D27A6BC7-96CD-42CE-AB7C-8E627DB6F68A This Is RenoTHE DISCOVERY MUSEUM NEWS RELEASE – Ending Sunday, June 30, visitors to the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum (The Discovery) can participate in a number of rocket related activities during Rocket Week. Rocket Week is the second in a series of themed events happening at the museum during the summer months.

The most popular experience thus far has been rocket design and testing. Visitors are invited to Spark!Lab inside the museum to design, build and decorate a paper rocket. Once complete, visitors proceed to the launch site in the museum’s atrium. After a few pumps of an ordinary bike pump, the launch button is pressed sending the rocket soaring through the air.

“The Discovery is a vibrant and exciting place to visit,” said Patrick Turner, marketing manager. “The addition of special activities tied to themed weeks adds yet another reason to visit the museum and enjoy a unique experience.”

In addition to rocket launches, there are other propulsion related activities throughout the museum. All Rocket Week activities are free with museum admission. Admission to The Discovery is just $8 per person. Children under age one and members are free. Admission is just $4 after 4:00 p.m. on Wednesdays.

For more information about Rocket Week and other upcoming summer activities at The Discovery, visit the calendar of events on the museum’s website at www.nvdm.org.

The Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum is a locally founded nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. The Discovery’s vision is to inspire curiosity, creativity and the joy of lifelong learning for all children and families of northern Nevada. The museum provides opportunities to discover science, art and local history through open-ended, interactive and fun exhibits and hands-on educational programs. Explore a cave, build a house, race across Nevada, and climb into the clouds – these are just some of the many adventures found at The Discovery.

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