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100 new creek crossing signs in the Truckee Meadows


cityofreno-189x300-5941735-8042143CITY OF RENO NEWS — The City of Reno, City of Sparks, and Washoe County, partnering as the Truckee Meadows Watershed Committee, along with the Nevada Division of Transportation are excited to announce the completion of 100 educational creek crossing signs that bring attention to the connectivity of all the streams feeding the Truckee River, and the need to prevent run-off pollution in all neighborhoods throughout our community.

The signs are placed in key locations so drivers and others will be able to see the signs on their daily travels.

The Truckee River Watershed-Creek Crossing Sign Project was funded through a grant from the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection. The City of Reno, as the lead agency for the Truckee Meadows Watershed Committee manages the grant and selected the street locations. Each entity had their traffic engineers approve and finalize the locations. The City of Reno’s Public Works distributed signs and materials for installation, and each entity had their operations staff install them on the public rights of way.

“The signs are a great way to remind the community that each of our neighborhoods drain into our precious resource, the Truckee River” advises Lynell Garfield-Qualls, City of Reno Hydrologist. “Each of us has chances everyday to keep our main source of drinking water stay clean and beautiful by taking responsibility for what runs-off our properties. This means keeping pollutants like fertilizers from our lawns, pesticides, pet waste, oils, and fallen fruit and leaves out of our storm drain system. Remember storm water in the gutter carries everything in its path into the Truckee River.”

Keeping the Truckee River clean helps our community’s economic vitality, provides a greater quality of life and a cooler downtown, not to mention preserving a world-class fishery. For more information on protecting the Truckee River visit www.tmstormwater.com.

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