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Sandoval statement on economic forum

By ThisIsReno


Governor Brian SandovalCARSON CITY – Governor Brian Sandoval today made the following statement after the Economic Forum made their projections for the biennium:

“Today’s news from the Economic Forum is a sign that we have made progress in creating jobs, diversifying our economy and getting Nevadans working again. As a result of our efforts, today’s Forum projected $44 million in additional revenue.

“In keeping with the priorities of my proposed budget, I will propose that the $44 million increase be directed to K-12 education, health and human services, economic development and the rainy day fund. Investing in our state’s children and citizens while continuing to diversify and expand our economy remains my highest priority. While today’s news is positive, it is also a reminder that we must continue working to diversify our economy, bring new jobs to our state and expand the promise of opportunity for all Nevadans.”

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