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On earth or the moon, biking is the way to go!


wasabi-02CITY OF RENO NEWS RELEASE – The City of Reno is proud to be partnering with the Truckee Meadows Bicycle Alliance and the Washoe County School District’s Academy of Arts, Careers, and Technology for Bike to Work, School, and Fun Week.On Tuesday, May 14, at 9:00 a.m., Reno Mayor Bob Cashell, City Council Members, and City Manager Andrew Clinger will be leaving Reno City Hall and bicycling to Jack’s Café to meet City of Sparks’ officials for breakfast. As part of this fun bike event, students and faculty from the Washoe County’s School District’s Academy of Arts, Careers, and Technology will be bringing their moonbuggy. The student team won a Neil Armstrong award and placed 8th in the NASA Moonbuggy Race this year.

“We are not only encouraging people to participate in bicycling for their own health and the health of the environment, but also hoping to highlight some talented students in our community, and some great organizations, like the Reno Bike Project and Kiwanis, that help make cycling affordable to our community,” advises Reno City Manager Andrew Clinger.

The City of Reno is also participating in the Commuter Challenge, a friendly competition among Reno/Sparks area employers to see who can get the highest percentage of employees to bike to work at least once during Bike to Work, School, and Fun Week – May 11 through May 17.

Commuters who travel by bicycle help to reduce harmful exhaust pollutants and improve air quality, saving on fuel and maintenance costs associated with driving to work or school. Moderate physical activity such as bicycling on the part of employees can in turn be a benefit to employers by reducing healthcare costs, decreasing absenteeism, and increasing productivity.

Parents and kids are encouraged to bike safely by observing all safety measures, including wearing a helmet and obeying all traffic laws.

To learn more about the Commuter Challenge or Bike to Work, School, and Fun Week visit bikenevada.org.

The Reno Bike Project makes cycling more accessible through recycling and recirculation of used bikes into the community at affordable prices. For more information about the Reno Bike Project visit their website at renobikeproject.com.

The Reno Sparks Kiwanis Bike Program refurbishes used bikes and distributes them throughout the community, especially to at-risk children from low income neighborhoods. For more information visit their website at kiwanisbikes.org.



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