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Locals are finalists in nationwide wedding proposal contest


2144345-largeTheKnot.com is hosting a national wedding proposal contest, and Reno locals Aaron Wike and Casey Cummings are finalists. You may vote for them here. Here’s a sample of their contest entry:

Aaron told me that we were going for a hike up at Lake Tahoe for the day. I love to hike and was very excited that he had planned a special afternoon for the two of us. As we drove around the lake, I kept pointing out great hiking spots and tried to get him to pull over to get to it. He insisted that he knew the perfect trail and we kept driving.

When we finally arrived at the spot we got out of the car and headed down the trail towards the lake. I spotted an envelope hanging from a tree out of the corner of my eye and thought, “Oh, how cute!” having no clue it was for me. Aaron walked over and told me to check it out. Confused, I walked over and opened the envelope. Inside was a card with a picture of a bar from back home. Inside the card it said, “Where we first met”. Shocked and speechless we continued on. When we came to the next tree with an envelope I opened it up to find a restaurant and a note saying, “the place where you first realized your feelings for me”.

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