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Single-stream recycling update


RecycleCITY OF RENO NEWS — On Wednesday, the Reno City Council received an update on Reno’s Single-Stream Recycling Program.

Single-stream recycling is a system in which all acceptable recyclable items can be mixed together in a single recycling cart. With this program, customers will have a green trash cart and will receive an addition green cart with a blue lid for recyclables. Customers will no longer need to separate recyclable materials into the yellow and green crates. The closed-lid recycling container will help reduce litter in the community as items will not be able to be blown out of them.

On November 7, 2012, with the intention of implementing a residential and commercial single-stream recycling program while keeping rates low, the Reno City Council approved changes to the Waste Management Franchise and Recycling Program. The new program gives customers options to choose their cart size and provides the ability to pay less if residents generate less waste. All current recyclables are acceptable along with allowing recyclable items such as plastics #1-7, newspaper, chipboard, cardboard, and mix paper. Additional improvements include that each year residential customers will be able to take four loads to the Waste Management Transfer Station for free and receive 20 stickers for extra items to be disposed of outside of their normal garbage container.

Reno’s Single-Stream Recycling Program will begin in neighborhoods by November 7, 2013 and will be rolled out through the fall. (Please note additional news releases will be sent as more information becomes available on the roll-out process.)

To meet the increase in recycling volume, Waste Management will fully fund an eco-center that will be able to accommodate the recycling volumes that will be generated by the Single-Stream Recycling Program along with providing a community drop-off location for green waste, electronic waste, medical waste, and household hazardous waste. The eco-center is expected to be built by December 2014.

Reno residents can now begin choosing their new carts, view rate options, and get the answers to frequently asked questions by visiting reno.wm.com. For more information about Reno’s Single-Stream Recycling Program visit Reno.gov/Recycle.

Together, the City of Reno, Waste Management, and Castaway, are leading the way to a greener northern Nevada

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