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Saint Mary’s Center for Health & Fitness announces biggest winner in weight-loss contest


Christina Botnen (bottom of photo), Katie La Pointe (top left), and Kim Tracy experienced great weight loss and strength gains in their short time in the competition.

SAINT MARY’S CENTER FOR HEALTH AND FITNESS NEWS RELEASE ­­– This week, after final weigh-ins at Saint Mary’s Center for Health & Fitness, Christina Botnen was revealed as the inaugural Biggest Winner with 10.55% body mass (23.1 pounds) lost since January 1, 2013.

Botnen is a 35-year-old mother of five boys. She mentioned her largest obstacle in this competition was finding time to balance her family, work, and new-found fitness activities. She said she hopes to inspire others in her situation to neglect negative thoughts and pursue goals they have, just as she did when she became pregnant with her first child at 15 years old and overcame naysayers to raise a fine family.

As part of the competition, the three contestants (Botnen, Katie La Pointe and Kim Tracy) received free membership, personal training, nutrition consultation and support group help throughout the 10 weeks.

If you wish to speak with any of the contestants, please contact program coordinator Juan López at [email protected] or 775-770-7236.

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