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Celebrating the historical significance of the Wells Avenue neighborhood



cityofreno-189x300-2798682-3176289Celebrating the historical significance of the Wells Avenue neighborhood, the city of Reno has installed the first of numerous signs designating the Wells Avenue Neighborhood Conservation District.

The signs were made possible by donations from the Historic Reno Preservation Society and the Ward 3 Neighborhood Advisory Board. The design for the signs was donated by Sadie Bonnette of Sasquaack Design.

The Wells Avenue neighborhood contains some of the oldest homes in Reno south of the Truckee River. It has many fine examples of Queen Anne Revival and Craftsman architecture as well as an association with numerous interesting former prominent Reno-ites.

By establishing the neighborhood as a conservation district it recognizes the historical significance without the regulations of a historic district. The boundaries of the conservation district are Holcomb Avenue, Locust Street, Ryland Avenue and Vassar Street. This is the second designated conservation district in the City of Reno.

Prior to the adoption of the conservation district, a detailed survey of the entire district was required. Every parcel and structure within the boundaries was photographed and documented by dozens of volunteers including members of the 2010 UNR Planning Club and residents of the Wells Avenue neighborhood.

The raw survey material was compiled and edited into its final form by UNR history students Ashley Best and Morgan Waldrup, who were awarded the Historic Reno Preservation Society Endowment Scholarship in 2011 and 2012.

The Wells Avenue neighborhood of today has experienced a renewed interest among homeowners and business owners. Groups like the Wells Avenue Merchants and Property Owners Association, the City of Reno Neighborhood Advisory Board, the West of Wells Neighborhood Group and the East of Wells Neighborhood Group have helped to organize and reinstate a culture of neighborhood pride and improvement.

Establishing the conservation district will promote and reinforce the activities of these groups while recognizing the unique history of the area.

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