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Sex workers issue public statement to Sen. Brower



Dear Mr. Brower:

I read this article that was printed from a press release you gave the paper https://thisisreno.com/2013/02/brower-supports-sex-trafficking-legislation/ I found no note about our group, Trafficking and Prostitution Services, who had a sex trafficking survivor in Nevada appear on their behalf and present a letter to the legislature about the changes they’d like to see to the laws that they believe will help victims based on the perspective of actual victims. It was extremely brave of her to appear, and as far as she told us, she was the only survivor there on the floor who has received direct services from our program which has been around since 1987. May I ask why there was no mention made of our program appearing, our letter, her statement, her appearance, etc.?

She has also told her story about her trafficking being connected with the legal brothels here in Nevada http://stoptraffictalk.webs.com/apps/podcast/ There is a connection between trafficking and legal prostitution as evidenced by why Amsterdam has now shut down their famous “windows” district, and in the report that Melissa Farley did on trafficking in Nevada just a few years ago at the request of the State Dept. Yet I don’t see anyone doing anything about George Flint’s recent push to expand the brothels into Las Vegas. http://stoptraffictalk.webs.com/reviews For every tax dollar they propose they’ll bring into the state – Nevada will lose it on the back end three times over. I can show you statistical studies that will show you how the cost will outweigh the profits – and not to even calculate the damage in the public image of Las Vegas with the national push for abolishment right now.

I’ve attached a videotape clipping to verify she was there for your review to refresh your memory.

I’d like to see a correction made to your press releases – or we’ll have to issue a press release of our own to correct the situation.

We will be posting your answer on our blog, facebook and mentioning it on our upcoming radio show. Thank you.

Jody Williams



(702) 498-6211


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