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Reid issues statement on geothermal report

By ThisIsReno
Sen. Harry Reid

Sen. Harry Reid


WASHINGTON, D.C.- Nevada Senator Harry Reid issued the following statement on the 2013 Annual US Geothermal Power Production and Development Report which found that America’s geothermal capacity has grown by 5 percent since March 2012 and that Nevada is leading the nation in geothermal energy development:

“I recently addressed Nevada’s legislature to discuss how geothermal energy and other renewables will transform our state’s economy. I am pleased that our state is at the forefront of geothermal energy development. Nevada has immense geothermal energy potential and we should continue developing this abundant clean energy resource that will create more jobs, improve our economy, and protect the environment. I hope Nevada’s state lawmakers take the necessary actions to ensure a robust market for Nevada’s domestic clean energy resources to create jobs in our state.”