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High protein, low calorie baking mix business launched



If you have ever been starving after a workout or just a busy day, and picked up one of those packaged protein bars in the stores, ripped it open expecting a sweet, satisfying and healthy snack, and bitten into what tastes like a wad of cardboard, then you want to know about Options 360! And if you remember the sticker shock of buying one of those cardboard bars for up to two dollars each, you want to keep reading.

Local businessman and sports enthusiast Craig Kincaid has taken his longtime favorite after work out snack to the web. WWW.Options360.US, manufactured in Sparks, sells baking mix kits that offer High Protein, Low Calorie, Low Cost (10 grams of protein in only 140 calories, for 67 cents each) ingredients that you bake at home using your favorite flavors and fruits.

Kincaid says, “Once you bake your first dozen, you will want to enjoy an Options 360 muffin often. They are a great recharge after every workout or sport activity; a quick, high protein between meal snack or a great supplement to a low calorie diet. And because Options 360 includes no chemical additives, only highly nutritious foods, Options 360 muffins are a perfect nut-free snack for the whole family! Kids love them!”

Kincaid developed Options 360 for his own active lifestyle. Health conscious and sports minded, he learned how good nutrition supports a great lifestyle. After early retirement from Lockheed in the San Jose area, Kincaid came to Reno in 2001 to open two businesses, but also to pursue his many sports passions, including snow skiing, scuba diving, water skiing, hiking, biking, kayaking, running, and weight training.

He has baked his own healthy and nutritious snacks for years, learning about and experimenting with more and more protein and vitamin rich ingredients. Tried and tested by a product development team composed of friends, family, trainers and fellow gym rats, Kincaid came up with the final recipe. He considered opening a bakery and selling them in our community, until “the development team” pointed out how simple it is for the consumer to just add a few staples most have at home to the hard to find ingredients of the nutrition rich dry mix. And so, now he can share Options 360 with the world, and invites us all to bake our own oven fresh, healthy, economical and delicious snacks in our own homes!

Options 360’s motto is Eat, Enjoy, Thrive! For more information and to place an order, go to www.options360.us.


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