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Alcohol sales to minor operation nets 74% compliance



Yesterday detectives assigned to the regional Street Enforcement Team (S.E.T.) conducted an undercover alcohol compliance check in the Reno/Washoe County area.

The focus of this operation was to target stores which sell alcohol and ensure alcohol is not being sold to minors. It is our intent to increase the awareness of underage drinking. This operation was completed in conjunction with Join Together Northern Nevada (JTNN) and was funded with grant funds provided by Enforcement of Underage Drinking Laws.

Detectives used underage volunteers to enter stores and attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages. If the underage volunteer was asked for identification, they provided their true identification revealing they are under the age of 21.  In all, 34 stores were checked. The clerks at the following locations were cited for selling/furnishing alcohol to an underage minor:

1. Jackson’s, 10585 Stead Blvd., Reno

2. 7-11, 4997 S. McCarran Blvd., Reno

3. Fireside Inn, 205 E. 4th St., Reno

4. Shell, 700 N. Sierra St., Reno

5. Ace Liquor, 142 W. 2nd St., Reno

6. Wright Way Liquor, 330 Evans St., Reno

7. 7-11, 690 Booth St., Reno

8. Jashan Market, 436 N. Virginia St., Reno

9. AM/PM, 600 Kietzke Ln., Reno

**This clerk was arrested, as he did not qualify for a citation**

The pre-designated fine for selling alcohol to a minor is $500.00.

Today’s operation resulted in an approximately 74 percent compliance rate. In March of 2012 a similar operation netted a compliance rate of approximately 78 percent. In August of 2012 a similar operation netted a compliance rate of approximately 91 percent.

The Regional SET Team would like to take this opportunity to remind clerks and owners to please be diligent in checking identification on all alcohol sales. The Regional Street Enforcement Team and JTNN would like to publicly thank those clerks who refused to sell alcohol to the underage volunteers. The following stores did not sell alcohol:

  1. Winner’s Corner, 7695 S. Virginia St., Reno
  2. Rainbow Market, 7590 Colbert Ln., Reno
  3. Scolari’s Market, 8165 S. Virginia St., Reno
  4. AM/PM, 6190 S. Virginia St., Reno
  5. Town Food & Liquor, 2640 S. Virginia St., Reno
  6. Rainbow Market, 1501 Vassar St., Reno
  7. Sak ‘N’ Save Grocery, 1000 E. Plumb Ln., Reno
  8. Jackson’s, 2001 S. Virginia St., Reno
  9. G Food and Liquor, 6 E. 4th St., Reno
  10. Silver Spur Liquor & Gifts, 221 N. Virginia St., Reno
  11. Silver Smoke & Liquor LLC, 141 N. Virginia St., Reno
  12. Nahar Food & Discount Liquor, 600 S. Virginia St., Reno
  13. Easy Market, 500 W. 2nd St., Reno
  14. Winner’s Corner, 350 S. Arlington, Reno
  15. Safeway Mini Mart, 5150 Mae Anne Ave, Reno
  16. AM/PM, 2002 Sierra Highlands Dr, Reno
  17. Royal Liquor and Smoke, 6380 Mae Anne Ave. #1, Reno
  18. Raley’s Mini Mart, 1690 Robb Dr., Reno
  19. 7-11, 10170 N. McCarran, Reno
  20. Jackson’s, 901 N. Virginia St., Reno
  21. 7-11, 1665 N. Virginia St., Reno
  22. SG Food Mart, 4410 N. Virginia St., Reno
  23. Maverick, 15 Panther Wy, Reno
  24. 7-11, 7500 N. Virginia St., Reno
  25. Terrible’s, 13900 Stead Blvd, Reno

In addition to the alcohol compliance check, detectives were also verifying clerks/employees were in compliance with the state of Nevada’s Alcohol Awareness Training requirements and in possession of a valid Alcohol Awareness Training card. Of the 34 store clerks checked, all but three clerks possessed their Alcohol Awareness Training card. Those three clerks were issued a notice of civil infraction which has a pre-designated fine of $500 for first offense.

Operations of this type will continue throughout the year.  Anyone with information regarding the sale or furnishing of alcohol to minors is encouraged to contact the Street Enforcement Team at 334-3065 or Secret Witness at 322-4900, www.secretwitness.com, or text the tip to 847411 (TIP 411) keyword – SW.

The regional Street Enforcement Team comprises detectives from the Reno Police Department, Sparks Police Department, Washoe County Sheriff’s Office and the University of Nevada Police Services.

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