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Last week in review: What’s hot on This Is Reno Jan. 20-26



By Kendra Fleming

Kieckhefer proposes enforcing existing gun restrictions

            Sen. Ben Kieckhefer wants to ensure that individuals suffering from a mental illness are restricted from buying firearms. They can be a threat to not only themselves, but to others. It’s a matter of safety according to Kieckhefer, who says that the “Federal and State Laws have been in effect for years to enforce this restriction. Unfortunately, here in Nevada, they are almost entirely unused.” This would also be enforced on court-ordered involuntary admissions to a public or private health hospital. Kieckhefer is still working with people from the law enforcement, mental health hospitals and other groups in order to create a law that will not only work for Nevada, but will have a follow through result. https://thisisreno.com/2013/01/kieckhefer-proposes-enforcing-existing-gun-restrictions/

Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District says residents still careless with ashes

            With the use of fire places and pellot stoves going up this season, Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District is reminding Washoe County residents once again about the dangers of improper ash disposal. Improper disposal of ash can still cause fires. After days of ash pile up, the ashes can still hold enough heat to ignite another fire. Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District says, “One person dumped their ashes on the ground near a storage shed and started the building on fire.” One main tip about how to properly dispose of ash is to not put it in open areas outdoors.  https://thisisreno.com/2013/01/truckee-meadows-fire-protection-district-says-residents-still-careless-with-ashes/

Facebook votes may help Sparks 14-year-old bring $15,000 to Renown

            Research has shown that can impact a patient’s healing process positively with them requiring less medication, spending less time in the hospital and it improves their mental health. Fourteen year old b0000659a_op_800x661-5694599-6634888Stephanie Avalos never imagined that she would get the chance to get her artwork displayed on tissue boxes, but with more votes on Facebook her imagination can become a reality. During treatment at Renown Children’s Hospital, Stephanie learned about an art competition that could bring $15,000 to the Reno Hospital. Hosted by White Cloud Facial Tissues, the art competition is set up so that the winning contestant will have their artwork displayed on special edition tissues boxes in retail stores nation-wide, one of those store including the well-known Walmart.

January 30, 2013 is the last day for anyone to cast their vote. To vote, click here https://www.facebook.com/mywhitecloud/app_436325016429465. Every vote counts. https://thisisreno.com/2013/01/facebook-votes-may-help-sparks-14-year-old-bring-15000-to-renown/

Center for Adaptive Riding, a non-profit, hosts online fundraising auction

            From now until February 8, 2013 the Center for Adaptive Riding is holding their first ever online auction “For the Love of Horses” with over twenty five prizes up for grabs. Winning bidders will not only surprise that special someone on Valentine’s Day, but they will also be helping this non-profit organization by helping them continue their mission of being the leading horsemanship organization for people of all abilities. For more information and details please visit www.adaptiveriding.org. https://thisisreno.com/2013/01/center-for-adaptive-riding-a-non-profit-hosts-online-fundraising-auction/

Kendra Fleming
Kendra Fleming
My name is Kendra Fleming. I am 20 years old and currently a junior at University of Nevada, Reno with a major in English Literature and a minor in Cultural Anthropology. I love volleyball, soccer, hanging out with friends and warm weather. Born in California and raised in Las Vegas, I have always wanted to have a career that’s involved in the area of English, but I was never sure what until my sophomore year in college. I am an English literature major with the hopes of becoming an editor after college, but for now I am working on my writing. To be a great editor, I need to be a good writer as well. I can only get better with more practice outside of my scholarly studies.