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Ready or not, Sheep Dip set for Jan. 18-19

By ThisIsReno


Sheep Dip 49(2)Sheep Dip 49, the annual “Roast of the Town” is coming to the Celebrity Showroom at John Ascuaga’s Nugget Jan. 18-19. This will be the 49th year for the show, which lampoons the foibles of venal politicians, predatory corporations, inept government agencies and other deserving targets.

The name “Sheep Dip” is taken from our Basque sheep herding tradition. Like the sheep that are dipped in a cleansing solution to rid them of parasites, our newsmakers are dipped in a cleansing vat of satire to rid them of their sins.

The show is performed by local volunteers and features appearances by familiar TV news personalities, politicians and surprise guests. A feature of the show is the annual “Shaft” award, given to deserving recipients for questionable actions during the past year.

Tickets for the show are $38, and they can be purchased through the Nugget’s ticket office. Call 356-3300 or go to www.janugget.com to purchase tickets. For a review of Sheep Dip 48, and a preview of Sheep Dip 49, visit Facebook|Sheep Dip Show.

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