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Highlights from December 5, 2012 Reno City Council meeting


Lemmon Valley Swan Lake area photo by Bob ConradCITY OF RENO NEWS RELEASE

Today, the Reno City Council held their regularly scheduled meeting. Below are some highlights from the meeting.

• Agenda Item E.2

The City Council approved the acceptance of a grant from the Parks and Cultural Arts Foundation Fund of the Community Foundation of Western Nevada in the amount of $8,720.84 for the Reno Star Public Art installation. The Reno Star will be located on the northwest corner of McCarran Boulevard and South Virginia Street and will enhance the corridor for all residents and visitors. The installation will take place in the upcoming weeks (TBD).

The City re-purposed a piece of art owned by the Reno Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority and sought donations to complete the Reno Star. The project was funded through the Public Art Fund, Ward 2 Central and South Neighborhood Advisory Boards along with private donations from citizens, including a major donation from the William Thornton Family and Cultural Arts Foundation of the Community Foundation of Western Nevada. The Reno Star will be a significant and very visible addition to Reno’s collection, which will attract more visitors and tourism dollars to our community.

• Agenda Item J.2

The Reno City Council approved the acceptance of the 2012 Swan Lake Nature Study Area Master Plan. The Swan Lake Nature Study Area is a playa/wetland system positioned near an urban setting (located in Lemmon Valley). The area is partially within City limits and receives effluent water from the City’s Stead Sewer Treatment Plant. The Swan Lake Nature Study Area Advisory Board developed a comprehensive plan which incorporates a component to address habitat, water resources, Horse Creek restoration, partnerships, open space protection, recreation, education, and stewardship of this unique area. All proposed actions in the Master plan will receive financial support from sources outside of the City’s General Fund, which are expected to include grants, donations, sponsorships, partnerships, and volunteers. Swan Lake is designated by the Audubon Society as an Important Bird Area and is habitat to over 150 avian species. The wetland has served as a nesting and migratory bird stopover since prehistoric times. The area is identified in the City’s Open Space and Greenways Plan as priority for open space and future trail connections to Silver Lake.

• Agenda Item L.4

The City Council approved the transfer of $304 from Mayor Cashell’s donation funds for fiscal year 2012-2013 to the City of Reno Business License Division. These funds will be used to offset the special event permitting costs associated with a community outreach event that focused on serving Thanksgiving dinners to those in need. Council donation funds can only be used for nonprofit organizations that provide substantial benefits within our community.

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