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Friends of Nevada Wilderness anounces 2012 volunteer awards


Since 2007, 3,577 volunteers have given 49,164 hours of their time to improving wildlife habitat and keeping Nevada wild. As of October 15, 2012, the total in-kind value of their labor is $1,007,198; please join us in celebrating their hard work on Wednesday, December 5 at 6 pm in Cargo at CommRow in downtown Reno. We will also be recognizing the individuals and organizations who played a special part in our 2012 field season.

2012 Volunteer of the Year – Dorothy Hudig and Mike Thorson

Dorothy and Mike spent an immense amount of time monitoring springs in the Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, part of the Conservation Lands System. The duo collected data on spring characteristics, including temperature, GPS location of spring source, and electro-conductivity.

Agency Partner of the Year – Southern Nevada Agency Partnership (SNAP)

SNAP is a partnership of stewardship professionals who recognize the wilderness is a unique and enduring resource that needs to be managed as such. SNAP has supported Friends of Nevada Wilderness for the last two years with generous financial and logistical support.

Agency Team Player (Individual) – Sandi Gracia

Sandi Gracia was the first Bureau of Land Management employee hired after the designation of the Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Her 11 years of government service have been a great benefit to Nevada’s public lands. Her broad range of skills and vast knowledge of the NCA are invaluable in the management and protection of the Black Rock region.

Corporate Partner of the Year – GSI Outdoors

GSI Outdoors has provided Friends of Nevada Wilderness volunteers with camp kitchen gear for the past six years. Whether it be Dutch ovens, bowls and plates, or FairShare mugs, volunteers know they will be well-taken care of at the stewardship camp kitchen.

Youth Stewardship Award – Levi Smyth

Sixteen year-old Levi Smyth gave many hours of his time over the 2012 field season, concentrating on the Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon NCA and the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge. This is our first youth stewardship award – not only is it an honor for the recipient, it is a responsibility to continue conservation work in the future.

Group Partner of the Year – Great Basin Institute

The Great Basin Institute partners with Friends of Nevada Wilderness for the annual Alternate Spring Break program, held in the Desert National Wildlife Refuge, providing logistical support and vehicles to transport Reno college students to do stewardship work in southern Nevada. GBI also coordinates native plantings and road naturalization projects so volunteers can get out on the Desert Refuge.

Blue Helmet Awardees – volunteers who attended at least three trip over the 2012 season or gave over 20 hours of service: Brenna Archibald, Merre Bacot, Kelli Belmont, Lyndsey Bohall, Sam Coleman, Rob Conley, Jesica Davis, Gary Frye, Ting Hammond, Monica Hanley, Andy Hart, John and Hermi Hiatt, Dorothy Hudig, Lucy Hunt, Devin Kalfayan, Chris Kindler, Ann and Dylan Kuhn, Dan Lauritzen, Emily Linnell, Merry Mathers, Jeanette Matison, Dan Monterro, Scott Moore, Barry Morgan, Susan Murphy, Blake Ohlin, Alyson Smyth, Levi Smyth, Rita Smyth, Graham Stafford, James Thompson, Mike Thorson, David von Seggern, Cody Wilson, and Heather Witt.

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