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Department of Health and Human Services announces ground breaking ceremony for new Reno Welfare Office


he Division of Welfare and Supportive Services (DWSS) is pleased to announce a ground breaking ceremony for the new Reno District Welfare Office on December 12, 2012 at 11:00 a.m.  A collaboration among DWSS, State Buildings and Grounds (B&G), Mr. Rob Rothe, the owner of the Reno Town Mall, and Ed Shaw Construction has resulted in a location and design that will improve both accessibility and the level of customer service the Division is able to provide.

Co-location on the property of the Reno Town Mall, located at S Virginia Street and E. Peckham Ln, with other important support services such as Job Connect, Access to HealthCare and the Washoe County Library, as well as the inclusion of DWSS child care services in the same building, makes it possible for families to seek multiple forms of support all in one location.  The new location sits on the busiest and most accessible of all the area’s bus lines and will make getting to and from the office easier than ever.

“The building itself is being designed with the customer in mind.  The lobby is twice the size of the existing lobby and designed to be open with no artificial barriers between those seeking help and those providing it.  The lobby has been designed to decrease the time spent waiting in line and make the entire process more customer friendly and efficient,” said Michael McMahon, Administrator of the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services.

Mr. Rothe has proved to be an excellent partner and has agreed to build the office to the State’s specifications at an extremely competitive price, said Mr. McMahon. “Without Mr. Rothe’s positive collaboration we would not have been able to build an office of this caliber or been able to meet our client’s needs at this level. We are very eager to move in and allow our clients to conduct their business in such a favorable location,” said Mr. McMahon. “The combination of location and design improvements will enable the Division to significantly improve our ability to meet our mission of supporting Nevada families toward self-sufficiency.”

The new Reno District Office will replace the current office on King’s Row in northwest Reno and is expected to be open for business late spring, 2013. A second Reno area office is expected to open in Sparks soon after.


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