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Reno Project Strives to Boost Business and Healthy Eating Nationwide

By ThisIsReno

A new company in Reno is running an interesting campaign designed not only to spur small business growth, but to promote healthy eating.

Food SixtySix is currently running a Kickstarter campaign. This campaign will put Food SixtySix in touch with small and local companies from across the country, who are producing high quality, prepared vegan and gluten free foods and send their products to subscribers around the country. From there, Food SixtySix will reach out to small businesses nationwide to get their stories heard and their products out to more and more people.

Here is what they are building: Food SixtySix collects food samples from small businesses and sends them out for customers to try. On Food SixtySix’s website, customers will be able to  rate what they liked most and what they liked least. Highly rated foods are put into a special archive where customers can log online and order them directly from the manufacturer, both opening up the options for vegan and gluten free eaters and sending business to small companies that  can otherwise struggle to build their customer base.

One such small business is Thoughtful Foods from Folsom, Calif. When the founder of creator of their staple product, Giddy Up Granola, discovered her children suffered from severe food intolerance, it spurred her to take a stand and develop a product that people in the same predicament as her family could use.

Companies like Thoughtful Foods are exactly who Food SixtySix wants to work with. Their products and stories deserve to be put on the map. Food SixtySix can do that. Thoughtful Food and hundreds of other health-food companies and millions of people nationwide stand to benefit from a project like Food SixtySix.

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