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PUCN approves second area code (725) in Southern Nevada to avoid number shortage



CARSON CITY — The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada has approved a second area code in the same geographic region as the existing 702 exchange in Southern Nevada. The additional area code is 725.

The second area code is needed to meet increasing consumer demand. NeuStar, the organization that administers area code use, petitioned the PUCN on behalf of the Nevada telecommunications industry to implement an overlay of a second area code in the existing 702 exchange. According to NeuStar, available numbers in the 702 area code will be exhausted during the third quarter of 2014. NeuStar announced the 725 area code after the commission approved its request today.

Starting in June 2014 new telephone numbers in the existing 702 area code will be assigned the 725 area code. Calls between and within the existing and new area codes will require 10-digit dialing (the area code plus the seven-digit telephone number). Existing customers will retain their current area code and telephone numbers.

Telecommunications providers will begin an implementation schedule in February 2013 that includes network preparation and public education. The program also includes a nine-month transition period from Aug. 3, 2013, to May 3, 2014. During that time, customers can dial seven digits or start to dial 10 digits for all calls. After 10-digit dialing becomes mandatory on May 3, 2014, callers who dial seven digits will receive a recorded message instructing them to dial 10 digits.

A month later on June 3, 2014, the new 725 area code will be effective and numbers assigned to new customers. Calls to 911 or 411 will not change and there is no change to the cost of calls. If a call is currently local, it will remain local and if it is long distance, it will remain long distance.

Information about the second area code can be found on the PUCN’s website at puc.nv.gov. From the left navigational bar on the home page, select Docket Info, followed by All Dockets. Scroll to docket number 12-06016 and click View. In addition, updated information about the second area code will be posted on the PUCN website as it becomes available.


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