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University Police to conduct additional bicycle and skateboarding enforcement



University Police Services will conduct continued enforcement and education patrols on campus roadways and adjacent streets for individuals operating bicycles and skateboards in an unsafe manner. This initiative will include enforcement and outreach patrols at targeted intersections and crosswalks Wednesday, Oct. 24, and tickets will be issued if warranted.

University Police has conducted several of these types of enforcement patrols. During the Sept.  6, 2012 enforcement, officers contacted more than 40 bicyclist and skateboarders who were issued warnings or tickets.

University Parking and Transportation Services report nearly 1,000 bicycles registered on campus this fall. Approximately 65 bike areas and racks, almost 55 bicycle lockers and four air filling stations continue to provide students options for alternative transportation on and around campus. The number of permits issued for bicycles have more than doubled since 2008.

Reno Municipal Code states that a bicyclist must obey all traffic laws, and that bicycles should be ridden as if the rider is operating a motor vehicle. Under Reno Municipal Code, skateboards, roller skates and roller blades are not to be operated in a careless manner. Skateboards are allowed on campus, by policy, as a means of transportation to and from class and should be used in a safe and careful manner that does not include stunts or result in property damage.

Police Services has numerous complaints from the campus community about bicyclists and skateboarders weaving in and out of traffic, not stopping at stop signs and passing vehicles on the right side to causing near-miss accidents. In some instances, students have suffered injury due to accidents.

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