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Sheriff’s Office investigates burglary reports in Incline Village

By ThisIsReno

The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind all residents of Washoe County to be diligent about securing their residences, whether they are going to be home or away.  Since September 1st, three residential burglaries were reported in Incline Village where the method of entry was through an unlocked door or window.  Analytical information of these crimes found that they are occurring predominately during the early morning hours. In each of these cases, the residents were home when the burglar or burglars made entry into their home.  This is uncommon, since investigations have determined that the majority for burglaries occur when the residence is unoccupied.

The Sheriff’s Office urges the public to secure all doors and windows in order to minimize the risk of being burglarized.  Residents are encouraged to report suspicious activities and/or persons by calling (775) 785-WCSO (9276).  If you happen to become a victim of a burglary in progress, immediately call 911 and remain on the line with the emergency call taker.

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