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OPINION: Making the tough decision not to make the tough decisions


By Chuck Muth

480px-chuck-muth-150x150-1361001-6886590It’s been a week now since Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval took to the national stage in Tampa, Fla., and actually said that “like Republican governors all across this nation, I chose to make the tough decisions.”

I’m STILL shaking my head in disbelief that our governor could make such a statement with a straight face in light of his highly-publicized tax hike on Nevada citizens and small businesses in 2011 despite his repeated promises on the campaign trail and during some 95 percent of the legislative session.

I know the governor wishes Nevadans would just forget about what can only be considered a major league betrayal of voters and taxpayers.

And unfortunately, many of our fellow Nevadans have done just that – including many Republicans who suffer from “My Guy, Right or Wrong Syndrome” and others who apparently have been hypnotized by the governor’s low-key charm, good looks and Hispanic heritage.

But Nevada conservatives shouldn’t forget.  As the saying goes, those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

As such, I found the following blog post and letter to the Nevada Legislature from my friend Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform that was published last March, shortly after Gov. Sandoval announced that not only did he have no regrets for re-imposing that $620 million “temporary” tax hike left over from 2009, but he intended to do so AGAIN next year in order to give state workers pay raises and eliminate furloughs for government employees.

Here’s the March 14, 2012 ATR blog post, re-printed in its entirety…

Editor’s note: Read the ATR portion of this post at this link.

Chuck Muth is president of CitizenOutreach.com.  He blogs at MuthsTruths.com.

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