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Local homebrewer to appear on NPR’s Science Friday today

By ThisIsReno


It’s not often a beer homebrewer gets invited to talk to NPR’s Science Friday. However, Reno’s own homebrewer Tye Morgan received that invitation to talk about her cheatgrass beer Friday, Sept. 28, 2012. Scheduled to air at 11:20 a.m. in a segment dedicated to the invasive species, Morgan will discuss her invention with host Ira Flatow and the head of BLM Idaho, Mike Pellant.

“My career is in environmental research so I’m familiar with cheatgrass’ impact,” Morgan said. “My husband and I are avid homebrewers – we teach classes at Reno Homebrewer – and one day I bridged the two ideas together.”

Morgan’s intended scope is much larger than just creating a new beer. She wants to use her invention as a landscape management tool that will help contain cheatgrass, feed organic grain to livestock, and generate biofuel.

“My husband and I founded our company Bromustech to promote these ideas,” she said. “I love to see the whole process. Every time people drink our beer, they are doing something to save their desert.”

Morgan’s segment will air on local NPR stations KUNR 88.7 and Capital Radio 90.5.  The segment will be available on podcast post recording.