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OPINION: Sen. Horsford’s affirmative inaction tweets



A couple weeks ago, state Sen. Steven Horsford (D) – now running in Nevada’s new 4th congressional district – embarrassed himself in a televised interview in which the exasperated host asked the candidate multiple times if he would have voted for President Obama’s stimulus program had he been in Congress at the time.

Horsford lamely ducked the question every time.

But lest ye think this is just one “gotcha” issue that Horsford’s political handlers refuse to allow him to answer, you really should take some time “following” him on Twitter. There you’ll find a political cipher singularly fixated on burping up banal platitudes rather than laying out specific action plans to solve problems.

For example, on July 30 Mr. Horsford tweeted the following: “The promise of Medicare has allowed srs 2 live longer, more secure, & healthier lives. We have 2 do all we can 2 preserve this program.”

Huh?  Sweet-sounding pabulum for senior citizens, to be sure.  But the reality is Medicare is going broke and will likely require a massive tax hike to “preserve” it in its present form.  So should we assume that Mr. Horsford supports a massive tax increase?

Or consider this tweet from August 6: “Proud to attend the VA hospital dedication in NLV. We must provide our Vets with the care they deserve.”

Wow, that’s deep.  But seriously, who out there opposes providing military veterans with the care they deserve?  Nobody.  So what’s the point?  On the other hand, is Mr. Horsford suggesting we need to provide new, unspecified care services?  If so, how does he intend to pay for them?

Later that same day, Mr. Horsford tweeted: “47 years ago today the Voting Rights Act became law: it’s a reminder that we must protect everyones right to vote.”

Again, a substance-free statement that nevertheless begs the question: “Everyone?  Even people who aren’t citizens?”

Look, it’s easy to make broad, inarguable statements – especially those targeted at favored voting blocs.  It’s another thing altogether to actually address issues, provide specific proposals and answer, not dodge, tough questions about your positions.

For his part, Mr. Horsford is expert at providing the talking-points sizzle, but woefully deficient in actually delivering the “here’s my proposal” steak.  That is, unfortunately, his modus operendi.

As his party’s ineffective leader in the Nevada Legislature the last two sessions, Sen. Horsford was expert at criticizing GOP proposals while not presenting his own alternatives.  And there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to believe he’d be any different if voters send him to Washington.

That’s the problem with politicians who only say what their handlers tell them people want to hear rather than have any core philosophical beliefs or original ideas of their own. Twitter-talk is cheap, Senator.  Got anything else?

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