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OPINION: Reject power play by RNC elite



In an emergency meeting held tonight via teleconference, the executive board of the Clark County Republican Party, the largest county Republican Party in Nevada (and one of the largest county parties in the United States), voted to formally and urgently call upon the delegates to the 2012 Republican National Convention to reject certain new rules that have been proposed by the convention’s Committee on Rules and Order of Business.

The new proposals, crafted by lobbyist and political consultant Benjamin Ginsberg (and approved by the Rules Committee on a narrow margin), would empower the Republican National Committee to change the party rules in-between national conventions, thereby destroying the system of checks and balances imperative to preventing tyrannical control of our party. Even more egregious are the new provisions which would subject the Republican Party to a nomination process completely controlled by elite party officials, consultants and power brokers, rather than a process based on the conservative principles that the GOP and our country were founded upon.

Under these proposed rules, the new nationalized nomination process would force every state to bind their delegates and would give the candidate to whom they are bound veto power over their credentials, effectively nullifying the role of state and local parties in electing delegates to the national convention.

This attempted coup by the consultants and national party elite would completely disenfranchise all rank and file Republicans and is in absolute contradiction with the values that have long guided our Republican Party.

The Clark County Republican Party refuses to stand idly by and allow this Marxist style power grab to go unnoticed. We are sounding the alarm in the hope that the delegates to the 2012 national convention from all backgrounds and beliefs will join together to protect our state parties and the conservative traditions that have guided Republicans for generations.

A copy of the resolution can be found here:


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