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HCI Sciences opens in Douglas County


Bringing the Science of Anatomical Pathology to Carson Valley

The Northern Nevada Development Authority (NNDA) is pleased to welcome HCI Sciences, LLC to its 5,000 square foot, newly renovated corporate headquarters located in Minden. HCI Sciences researches, develops and markets innovative diagnostic solutions for the highly specialized field of anatomical pathology.

With over 34 years in the field, co-founder Jerry Fredenburgh, HCI’s Chief Medical Officer, is recognized internationally as a true innovator in the highly refined science of disease pathology.

“HCI Sciences was founded to develop premium laboratory products which are used routinely by clinicians in the diagnosis of disease and other medical conditions,” commented Fredenburgh. “What does that mean? It means that every time a tissue sample is taken from a patient at a laboratory, a process of analysis begins. HCI develops and markets advanced chemistry that allows doctors to effectively read and analyze these tissue samples. Each of our products is designed to empower clinicians with accurate data that is so important in the initiation of patient treatment.”

Co-founder Peggy Lyon; with more than 30 years of experience in healthcare sales management, remarked, “We are excited to open our Minden facility. Not only are we focused on creating innovative diagnostic solutions for clinicians, we are dedicated to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes as well as creating employment opportunities locally. We’re working on acquiring FDA certification for the laboratory and production facility, and are planning to expand our workforce within the next eight months.”

NNDA’s business development director Danny Campos who worked with the company as they did their due diligence in finding the right location explained “HCI Sciences is right in line with the Governor’s health and medical services industry sector.  Additionally, this healthcare sector is also targeted by Douglas County and will be a catalyst for similar companies to follow. We are very pleased to welcome HCI to the Sierra Region.”

To contact HCI Sciences, call (909) 973-7880. For information on NNDA, visit www.nnda.org or call (775) 883-4413.


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