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City of Reno partnership promotes economic development by supporting entrepreneurs

By ThisIsReno


The city of Reno has partnered with Reno-based internet learning provider AthenaOnline to offer a free personal and professional development resource for Reno residents.

The website, www.myquickcoachreno.com, promises to help people develop their professional and personal skills to make faster and more informed business decisions, and improve both their professional and personal performance.

The site features 1,800 short video advice modules as well as almost 400 articles.  All of the material is provided free to Reno residents. The site is designed to help users find the information they need from within a comprehensive library of topics that include advice on marketing, sales, leadership, communication, people management, creativity, diversity, strategy, customer service, personal finance and much more.

The Reno City Council has put a priority on economic development, and this free tool is made available to residents to encourage best business practices and promote Reno as a community that supports entrepreneurs.

When users surf to www.myquickcoachreno.com, the website checks the users’ “IP address,” the network address assigned by their internet service provider, to ensure that the user is from the Reno area*. Once verified, the user has full access to the MyQuickCoachReno site. (Due to the way that AOL issues network addresses to their users the MyQuickCoachReno service is not available to AOL users.

Users can also access the site through the city of Reno’s webpage, www.reno.gov.


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