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Summer exhibits in Dayton, Nevada, champion young artists and musicians

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DAYTON, Nev. — Cheyenna Burrows of Dayton, 17, is the official curator for a series of changing art exhibits at the Dayton Valley Community Center this summer titled “Emerging Artists.”  Burrows says she’s learned a lot – and  quickly-  about the submission process, reviewing proposals, promoting exhibits, and new trends in art.  The opening for the first exhibit on June 28 included a diverse range of art by Brandi Gontang, Chantel Dean, Sara Cornwell, Cheyenna Burrows and Lettie Lynch, and will run through July 10. The next opening reception, featuring emerging artists like Savannah Parsons, Jason Clark, Cheyenne Shoup and Laycie Corley, and others, is this Thursday, July 12 from 3 p.m.- 8:30 p.m.

Burrows is working closely with exhibit designer Morgan Claypool, 15. Claypool took the challenge of showcasing local beginning artists and musicians and showed exceptional talent for organization and design during the first show last week. She said she plans to attend UNLV and study Business and Hotel Administration with the goal of becoming a convention planner.   The July 12 exhibit will allow her to put into practice her skills as a designer and planner with an entirely different group of artists.

Emerging Artists You’ll Meet at the July 12 Show:

Tim Taylor, 17, Dayton: One of Tim Taylor’s pieces was chosen from among entries throughout Nevada to hang in U.S. Congressman Mark Amodei’s Reno office. His was woodcut, “Chill,” was among the award winning pieces in the  2012 Congressional Art Competition for the 2nd Congressional District. Tim Taylor has been the recipient of a number of  other art awards as well, including the Nevada Museum of Art Scholastic Art Awards

Chantel Dean, 18, Dayton: Chantel is majoring in art at BYU -Idaho beginning in September. Her work includes acrylic and water color paintings, oil pastels, and pen and ink drawings, as well as mixed media. She has won awards through the Nevada Museum of Art Scholastic Art Awards.

Jason Clark,31, lived most of his life in Dayton, NV and will be showing paintings and photography. He notes, “I’ve never shown my photos but I believe its time. I studied art at both Western Nevada College and at the University of Nevada,Reno. Many have defined my art as graffiti-like with a contemporary touch. My work is currently being exhibited in Reno at Eye Candy and was exhibited at Brewery Arts Gallery in Carson City in June 2012. I’m also a current member of the Nevada Artist Association and hang art at the Brewery Arts Center.”  He says inspirations for his work are artists like Christian Reese Lassen, Bansky, Walfrido Garcia, and Nathan Oda.  You can find more about Jason at his website:


Savannah Parsons, 17, was born in Salt Lake City but has lived in  Dayton most of her life. You’ll see her acrylic paintings, oil pastel drawings, watercolors, and pen and ink art at the exhibit, as well as some of her poetry. Savannah notes that her aunt, grandmother, mother and father have been very supportive of her interests in art, and states, “My aunt, grandma and mom are some of the most creative people I know.” Savannah has won art awards through the Nevada Museum of Art Scholastic Art Awards

Cheyenne Shoup, age 17, Silver City (in Lyon County 7 miles from Dayton and 4 miles from Mound House).  Cheyenne’s work includes charcoals and sketches. She writes, “Really I have never been much of a painter or canvas artist. My sister inherited those genes from my father and I was blessed with exceptional stick figures. It wasn’t until a few months ago when one of the fellow artists in this exhibit Sara Cornwell, who happens to be my best friend, gave me some tips and helped me discover what could do. Mainly, I think I was always afraid of art because I was embarrassed of what I would make or because it didn’t look as good as what other people produced. It took me a long time to realize that art isn’t how well you do something, it is how you make an idea, a part of yourself and inspiration into something that is moving, noticed and above all something unique to the human eye”

Lettie Lynch, 17, Dayton: Lettie’s unique art attracted the admiration of staffers at Congressman Amodei’s office this spring during the  Congressional Art Competition for the 2nd Congressional District.

Laycie Corley, 21, graduated from Dayton High but lives in Carson City now. Corely has an Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts. Her work includes oil paintings and charcoal drawings.

Mini- Arts Incubator for Emerging Artists: This summer Healthy Communities Coalition and its partner Community Roots are championing the region’s young artists and musicians by providing opportunities for them to produce and actively participate in the Arts. Youth from Lyon and Storey towns are creating their own art shows and performances, and participating in field trips and workshops.  These emerging artists will have opportunities to show their work or to perform in public spaces, to design art exhibits and organize opening receptions, to learn more about the business side of the Arts, to visit area museums and art installations, and to meet established professional artists and learn more about organizations like the Holland Project, Captial City Arts Initiative, St. Mary’s Art Center, NadaDada Motel, Raw Artists, Nevada Arts Council, and Reno Collective.

The Coalition will also work with a number of different groups and individuals this summer to offer area teens chances to visit the Nevada Museum of Art, Shakespeare at Sand Harbor, and Artown events, and to take a workshop on the business side of selling and marketing their art and music.

Purpose: Christy McGill, director of Healthy Communities, explained that the purpose of the summer project is to “spark creative thinking and output – there’s a lot of creativity in our midst. But there needs to be a social infrastructure that supports and values this kind of “creative capital.”  One of the goals of the Coalition is that people not only view and listen to the arts, but also have more opportunities to actively participate and produce their own art, music, theatre, and film. There’s a growing awareness in the world that arts and culture are not luxuries, but essential to fostering assets like intellectual, creative and community capital.”

Next Events: An opening reception for the next exhibit in the “Emerging Artists” series takes place on Thursday, July 12 from 3pm-8:30pm at the Dayton Valley Community Center at 170 Pike Street. The event is free and includes live music, complimentary hors d’oeuvres, and meet-and-greet opportunities with the artists and musicians. This exhibit closes on July 26.

Contact: Young artists and acoustic musicians from Lyon and Storey Counties who are interested in performing acoustic music or submitting art for future events can contact Cheyenna Burrows through the Facebook group page “Community Center Art Shows”:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/355040694565641/ or  Quest Lakes at 775-287-7598 for more information.

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