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Highlights from July 18 Reno City Council meeting



Today the Reno City Council held its regularly scheduled meeting. Below are some highlights from the meeting.

Fire Protection Service Agreements and Fire Deconsolidation items: Agenda Items H.11 and M.2
The City Council approved a Cooperative Agreement for Mutual Aid with the North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District. The agreement considers the location and capabilities of all involved jurisdictions and results in a fair financial arrangement between all parties. It is based on capabilities, depth of resources, and location of stations. The agreement provides for an exchange of resources for most short duration incidents, i.e. 12 hours, without expectation of reimbursement. Long protracted incidents such as a multi-day wildland incident would be subject to cost recovery after the initial period with a commitment to reimburse cost from FEMA reimbursements whenever possible. This agreement develops a strong working relationship between all affected jurisdictions.

The Reno City Council and the Washoe County Commissioners have scheduled a joint meeting on July 24 at 3 p.m. at the County Commission Chambers, 1001 E. 9th Street in Reno. At the last City Council Meeting, the Council requested a joint meeting with the Commission so a public discussion could occur in hopes of resolving issues related to a mutual aid agreement.

• Agenda Item J.2 and J.3
The City Council approved an Option Agreement with Sierra Nevada Community Aquatics for the design, development, construction, operation, and maintenance of a multi-generational aquatics center of Moana Park. In addition, the Council also approved a Development Agreement with Great Basin Youth Soccer League and Reno Youth Sports Association regarding the development, construction, operation, and maintenance of multi-use flat fields at Moana Park. The agreements allow the groups to move forward in obtaining project financing as it demonstrates to potential funders that the City is committed to the project.

The approval of the two agreements is another step in the community project of transforming the Moana site into a multi-use complex featuring a community aquatics facility, multi-use flat sport fields, a group picnic area, concessions, batting cages, a children’s play area, and other community amenities.

• Agenda Item  J.5
The City Council approved a Special Event Sponsorship Agreement with Hot August Nights, Inc., for sponsorship of 10 percent of the total cost of city services for the 2012 Hot August Nights event, with the total amount not to exceed $20,000. The 26th annual Hot August Nights will be held in downtown Reno on August 8-12 for the enjoyment of the community.

The most recent Sponsorship Agreement with Hot August Nights, Inc., which expired following the 2009 event, required Hot August Nights, Inc. to reimburse the City for services rendered in support of the event in the amount of $115,000 in 2005 and thereafter established percentages of overall City service costs to be reimbursed at 35% in 2006, 45% in 2007, 55% in 2008 and 65% in 2009. City service costs for the 2009 event totaled approximately $443,000.

The City of Reno is proud to partner with Hot August Nights and supports the continuing growth and evolution of our largest downtown event. The city hopes the support will help Hot August Nights to reach out to different audiences by acquiring new sponsorships from national companies and organizations. Hot August Nights estimates 80,000 spectators will attend the event over the five days in downtown Reno. Admission for event spectators is free.

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