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Truckee River Flood Management Authority is officially an independent agency



The Truckee River Flood Management Authority has officially become an independent stand-alone agency.  The Authority, previously a department of Washoe County, will no longer be under the management umbrella of the county.  Operations now will be run under the Authority’s independent control.  With dedication and collaboration between Washoe County and TRFMA, the official date of June 1, 2012, launched the start of the new the stand-alone agency when the interlocal agreement was signed to initiate the transfer of the assets and services.

The transfer of assets and the funds to the TRFMA accounts were finalized during the last week of June.  The new structure of the Authority now allows for the TRFMA Board of Directors to act independently by approving all actions relating to budget and financing of the project.

TRFMA Board Chairman Ron Smith stated, “We have worked tirelessly for this day to come for the Authority, and we are committed to continuing our efforts and focus on a flood control project that provides protection to all of our citizens in our Truckee Meadows Community.”


In early 2009, as part of the region’s efforts to plan and construct the flood project, the governing bodies of Reno, Sparks and Washoe County determined the best way to manage the project was to enter into an agreement creating a joint powers authority.  In February 2011, the Truckee River Flood Management Authority was officially formed and authorized through an interlocal cooperative agreement approved by the cities of Reno, Sparks and Washoe County.

As an independent agency, TRFMA will continue to reinforce the primary goal of the prevention of loss of life and property due to flooding.  The mission of the Truckee River Flood Project is to reduce flooding by providing flood damage reduction features, restore the river, enhance open space opportunities and improve fish passage throughout the river all with the emphasis on public safety and quality of life in our region.

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