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Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District issues ban on open burning



Due to record levels of dryness and extreme fire conditions which maximize the potential for catastrophic fire, the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District (TMFPD) is restricting any and all open burning in Washoe County for the summer season. The ban on open burning follows several red flag warnings that have already been issued in Northern Nevada this spring.

Truckee Meadows Fire Chief, Charles A. Moore, says residents are the first step in fire prevention. “Any spark could start a major fire. Citizens are urged to use caution with any and all activities that could generate a spark, including use of power tools and barbeques. Even parking your car on vegetation can start a fire by way of very hot catalytic converters. Both the Caughlin and Washoe Fires were propelled by significant wind and we are asking citizens to be proactive during this season, which is why we issued a ban on open burning.”

Arrowcreek Fire Station Open

Earlier this week, the TMFPD Arrowcreek Fire Station at the intersection of Thomas Creek and Arrowcreek Parkway opened for full operations including 24/7 staffing. The station will service the areas of Arrowcreek, Galena, Mt. Rose and South West Reno. In addition, the Joy Lake Road Fire Station, located at 4000 Joy Lake Road is also in full operation.

Chief Moore says, “This a significant new resource for us in that it opens up an additional dimension to our response in the southern part of our district. We are better prepared to respond up and down US 395, Mt. Rose Highway and to stabilize emergencies that occur north and south of that area. As of Monday we have been fully operational with a 24/7 crew of three as well at the Joy Lake Station.”

There will be grand opening of the Arrowcreek Fire Station June 15th from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and food will be provided by Bronx Pizzeria. The grand opening will be open to the public.

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