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Newly elected TMCC student body President Navgeet Zed wants to increase access to education



Navgeet Zed has won the keenly contested election of president of the Student Government Association of Truckee Meadows Community College.

Securing about 63 percent of the votes, he defeated Jessica Mahaffey, outgoing SGA secretary, and Whip Villarreal, outgoing SGA senator.

The first item on Zed’s agenda after taking over the president’s office is to increase accessibility of education for students. He is highly worried about the rising tuition costs, textbook prices and financial aid problems during these tough financial times and fervently wants to address those issues to make education more student friendly. Zed has held various leadership positions in the community in the past and seems to be very serious and passionate about this new responsibility.

Zed is encouraging students to take a more active role in the college and the student government and shall make every effort to make SGA more productive to serve the real needs of students. He will be a proactive, responsive and effective president and feels that the college should provide more enriching, engaging and fulfilling experience to the students and will work ardently toward this direction, Zed stresses.

Zed has been chairperson of Reno Youth City Council, president of the International Club of University of Nevada-Reno, organized Night of All Nations (biggest multicultural event of northern Nevada), raising its attendance six-fold, volunteered for various organizations including a tenure at the area Crisis Call Center compassionately helping people in crisis and at the brink of suicide. For his many humanitarian efforts, Zed was bestowed with “Nevada Peacemaker of the Year” award.

SGA provides a variety of programs and activities for TMCC students, offers support to the student clubs and organizations and makes recommendations and contributes opinions and information to the college, the system and Nevada’s Board of Regents regarding student concerns. It is dedicated to advancing the overall quality of the total learning experience, promoting the general welfare of students and advocating student rights and concerns.

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