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Tahoe Family Solutions receives $25,000 from United WAy of Northern Nevada and the Sierra


Funds to be applied to a rapidly expanding demand for affordable mental health care throughout Northern Nevada

Tahoe Family Solutions announced today that they have received a $25,000 grant from United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra (UWNNS) to address the fast growing need for affordable mental health care throughout the Lake Tahoe Basin and surrounding communities in Nevada and California. Tahoe Family Solutions (TFS) services in providing affordable psychiatric care and family counseling were rated as a top priority by UWNNS’s board and volunteers.
One of UWNNS’s main thrusts for funding in Northern Nevada is the need for people to access affordable mental health services.

“The alliance between our organization and UWNNS will go a long way to address those needs,” said Polly Wolfe, chairman of the board for TFS. “We are proud to partner with UWNNS in this crucial work. Our strong commitment to strengthening the family fabric in the Lake Tahoe Basin, and throughout the region, has matched UWNNS’s own commitment to the same goal.”

According to Wolfe, demand for affordable psychiatric care and family counseling is up over 67% in the past six months. Funds from the grant will be applied directly to service hours. Tahoe Family Solutions offers the only sliding scale for psychiatric services in the area and clients pay as little as $15 per hour for services that would cost $150 an hour – and up – in other sectors. With the continued stagnation of the area’s economy, TFS staff is seeing clients and families with symptoms that are rising to the level of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD).

For more information about the variety of services that are offered through Tahoe Family Solutions, visit www.tahoefamily.org or call Executive Director, Robin Glasgow at 775-298-0203.

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