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OPINION: Apollo 13 – The true secret that brought our men safely home



VIRGINIA CITY- April 13 is the 42nd anniversary of the Apollo 13 mid-flight disaster. While most will spend the day commemorating the mission that almost failed, most everyone will completely miss how the mission succeeded NOT to fail. And that mission avoided failure because of an ingenious business model – yes, a business model.

As the Apollo 13 crew approached the moon, a fuel cell explosion aborted the mission. Using a seldom-studied operational model, the ground crew efficiently pinpointed and solved the source of the problem.

Then the ground crew needed to tackle three immediate dangers:

1. The astronauts freezing to death without heat
2. The astronauts asphyxiating from a quickly-depleting clean oxygen supply
3. The spacecraft not having enough power to return home

How do you successfully identify—then solve—problems in a moving object racing 100,000 miles above the earth? They did it using processes that are now codified into The Apollo Business Model®(ABM).

Since implemented in small businesses to multinational companies, including Dell Computer, ABM helps organizations remain competitive against foreign manufacturers, labor unions and other challenges in today’s economy, all while increasing customer satisfaction, productivity, product quality and safety.

ABM creator Tom Taormina of The Taormina Group states, “The most insurmountable obstacles crippling American businesses today can be solved by the Apollo Business Model. Traditional business systems are so outmoded, they are mid-flight disasters waiting to happen. Conventional management wisdom no longer is effective in guiding companies to create better products, more jobs and higher profits in this challenging global marketplace. But ABM can. The rules of business have changed, but the new rule book is available from former rocket scientists, based on the most successful project ever undertaken by mankind.”

This year, the Apollo 13 anniversary falls on Friday the 13th. On that day, business leaders can change their fortune by receiving a complimentary CD and executive overview of the Apollo Business Model. The overview explains ABM’s nine fundamental principles with enough detail to start your journey to business excellence.

Validated by work with 600 organizations nationwide, the Apollo Business Model shows American businesses can again become the world standard of quality and integrity while removing liability from their organizations. For enlightened business leaders, Friday the 13th, 2012, is the day that will change the fortune of many companies mired in the current economic crises.

Taormina will be the special guest of Jim Bohannon on Friday the 13th on his Late Night radio show syndicated on 325 stations. They will devote an entire hour to Project Apollo. Check your local listings and call in!

To reserve your complimentary copy of the Apollo Business Model CD and executive overview, call 877-226-9001 or email [email protected].

About Tom Taormina, CMC, CMQ/OE, FBP
Tom Taormina is often called the “Rocket Scientist of Business.” Taormina worked with more than 600 companies in his 41-year career in leadership development, organizational excellence and quality management. Using the principles of the Apollo Business Model, Taormina has also revolutionized product liability litigation practices through his proprietary methodology called Forensic Business Pathology®. He provides expert witness consulting and testimony in products liability and organizational negligence litigation that dramatically shortens the time to a more just outcome.

His messages are rich in experiential information and compelling with anecdotes from his 14 years of background at NASA’s Mission Control Center during projects Gemini, Apollo and Skylab. Taormina was part of the recovery team at NASA’s Mission Control Center during the Apollo 13 disaster. He actually heard the words “Houston, we have a problem” firsthand.

The problem-solving techniques learned from Project Apollo have been synthesized over 40 years into the foundation of his management consulting and expert witness work. He is currently teaching the leadership and business management techniques in his trademarked program, It WAS Rocket Science®, using his Apollo Business Model.

Taormina has written 11 books on business excellence and quality management. His newest book is Foreseeable Risk, published in October 2011.

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