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Reno Fire Marshall suggests changing batteries in smoke alarms when changing clocks this weekend



The Reno Fire Department suggests residents replace the batteries in their smoke alarms when clocks are changed for daylight saving time on Sunday.

“It’s a good, easy reminder when changing your clocks to replace your batteries in your smoke alarms,” advises Reno Fire Marshal Joan Presley. “It will help insure those smoke alarms are in working condition should a fire emergency strike.”

Presley says that having working smoke alarms in your home can mean the difference between life or death in a fire. “Smoke alarms that are properly installed and maintained provide an early warning signal which could allow everyone in the home to safely escape.” While current code requires a smoke alarm in every sleeping area, she points out that the minimum protection for homes is one smoke alarm outside of each sleeping room, and one on each level of the home including the basement.

Presley also says residents should use batteries recommended by the manufacturer and make sure they are firmly connected to the smoke alarm contacts. However, if a smoke alarm starts making “chirping” noise, it’s a signal battery levels are low and need to be replaced. Dusting smoke detector surfaces and vacuuming the air vents regularly will keep dust and spider webs from fouling detection elements or causing false alarms, according to Presley.

Residents wanting more information on smoke alarms or fire safety can contact the Reno Fire Department’s Division of Fire Prevention at 334-2300.

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