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County issues statement on employees’ news release

By ThisIsReno


Washoe County Manager Katy Simon has issued the following statement regarding the press release from the WCEA:

We just received word that the WCEA wanted to declare impasse, and we have not had an opportunity to discuss it yet with the County Commission. Our employees have been, and continue to be, very committed to helping us to address the results of the lingering recession, for which we are very grateful. We asked the WCEA for an additional 1 percent reduction beyond what they are currently giving. For the current fiscal year, the Board of County Commissioners made $10 million in operating cuts, used $9.75 million in reserves, and additionally gave more than $4 million in offsets to what was asked of employees this fiscal year in order to solve the current budget shortfall without putting all the burden on employees to cut their wages and benefits. We remain committed to continued negotiation to see if there are mutually agreeable solutions. We would find it very tragic not to be able to reach agreement after so many months of good faith bargaining on both sides.

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