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Air cleaning technology provides for a cleaner and safer facility at Gastroenterology Consultants



Gastroenterology Consultants (GIC) continuously aims to improve the quality of medical care through professional and technical advances.

In February, GIC installed FN® sanitary photocatalytic coating in the Reno-North facility, creating even a healthier environment for patients and employees. The most important aspect for the decision of the installation was the ability of FN® coating to further reduce pathogenic organisms, which in consequence lowers the risk of infection.

FN® coatings are based on titanium dioxide photocatalytic activity. Photocatalysis has become increasingly popular in various facilities because the strong sanitary effect is entirely physical where no chemicals are involved.

Viruses and bacteria die on FN® treated walls in minutes. The killing rates are comparable to disinfections and biocides. The dead microorganisms are then gradually mineralized, forbidding release of toxins to the environment. This process is called the “kill and clean” effect.

Analogically, allergens, pollutants, smoke, unpleasant odors, and other harmful substances are removed by photocatalysis in minutes. Photocatalytic oxidation, in synergy with disinfection, kills the bacteria and rapidly removes the excess of disinfections.

“There are several reasons, why we have decided to proceed with FN® rather than other products” says Connie Brown, Director of Operations. “FN Nano Inc, the manufacturer and distributor of FN® products, is a local company and professionally installs the coatings. Based on the scientific studies and references, the efficiency of FN® products is 10x – 100x higher than demonstrated by any other photocatalytic product supplier. The technology is green, patented and globally recognized.” Brown adds that GIC supports the local businesses, especially when this promising new technology can bring more jobs to the area.

FN Nano Inc. was created by nano scientists from the former BHP Billiton R&D center in Reno, says Jan Prochazka, Ph.D., president of the company. FN® is an optimized line of products and a recognized brand name. The products are distributed on every continent, especially in Europe, Australia and Canada. FN Nano Inc. has acquired an exclusive license to manufacture the FN® coatings in the USA and supply the American continent. For more information, visit www.fnnanoinc.com.

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